Personal Training: Worth the Investment or Nah?

Initially, I signed up for personal training for weight loss- I mean that’s everyone’s reason right? I was doing pretty good on my own but wanted to kick it up a notch by committing to a personal trainer.One thing I’ve learned is that if your head isn’t in the game, then personal training isn’t going…

Milk: Why I stopped drinking it (sorta)

It all started about a month ago when my brothers came to visit me in Denver. I tried to stock up on all their favorite goodies that I normally wouldn’t keep in the house- cereal, pop-tarts, chips, popcorn, etc. The one thing that is a staple in our household is milk but not just any…

Nut Butters Face-Off

I can’t even count the number of different high protein nut butters I’ve seen lately and they all look SO amazing, but which one is the best? Which one is the cleanest? I was determined to find out. I took 3 of the most popular brands I’ve seen and put them to the test: Buff…

Slap Nutrition Review

A non-biased review on the Slap Nutrition products & supplements I’ve have tried.

6 Pack Bags Review

My review of 6 Pack Bags with their Renee Tote & Executive Elite 500.