CorePower Yoga Review

I’ve only been wanting to try CorePower Yoga for the last 3 years. I lived above one for an entire year, always telling myself I was going to go in for the Free Week they offer, but never following through.

Que back pain and an affinity for boutique style gyms and I have finally signed up for my free week of CorePower Yoga. I’ve done yoga just a few times before, close to 4 years ago after finding a Groupon for Bikram Yoga or as my co-workers called it, “sweaty yoga”.

For my first CorePower class, I called ahead to see if I could come in for a C1- CorePower Yoga 1: Free Heated Class. It took about 7 minutes to get through the automated system and reach a human. Unlike a lot of boutique style gyms, I didn’t have to sign up beforehand. I showed up 15 minutes early to fill out a waiver and I was good to go from there. I had a towel that I brought, but forgot my yoga mat. They let you borrow one free your first visit.

I claimed a spot near the back since I obviously had no idea what I was doing. Class began shortly after and started off kind of slow… then things sped up. I don’t remember what the positions were actually called, but lucky for me it was somewhat repetitive so I wasn’t a total disaster. We were doing a plank type position, into downward dog, into up dog? And all of those transitions were supposed to go along with our breathing i.e. inhale, plank, exhale, down dog, inhale, up dog, etc. I was a bit flustered but luckily I had a pro in front of my that I could copy from. I appreciated the instructor asking the class to raise their hand if they didn’t want any adjustments (I knew I needed some). She stopped by quietly once to adjust my posture and then massaged a sore part in my neck for a minute. She could have continued that the entire class, but alas she left and went on instructing.

After stumbling through an hour class in a 95 degree room, I was ready for savasana or corpse pose. This is obviously the area I excel in and I recall going into corpse pose many, many times back when I was doing Bikram Yoga and would get lightheaded. The class concludes with everyone going into savasana and as if this wasn’t the highlight- just wait. The goddess instructing the class comes by everyone’s mat to deliver a Lemon Lavender cool towel. A LEMON LAVENDER COLD TOWEL. I assume this is standard, and I’m so sorry for ruining the surprise for you on this. I may buy a wine fridge now just to fill it with cool, scented towels. I laid it on my face for a few minutes, and then wiped my entire body with it (at least, all the exposed parts).

All in all, my first class was a bit intimidating because of how quickly it moved however my second class was a much slower pace. My second class was Hot Yoga and I enjoyed the positions a bit more. The heat for Hot Yoga was much hotter than the heated class I had attended previously. The instructor had a more soothing voice and explained the positions well. Unfortunately, this class was PACKED. It was a Monday, 5:30pm class and there was a line to get in. Even arriving early and getting in line, I was unable to lock down a back row spot. I was in the front row right in front of the mirrors. There ended up being 3 rows of yogi’s and luckily, those behind me knew what they were doing and I could easily follow along with the mirrors.

I wish there could have been a class specifically for people who have NO idea what they’re doing, but all in all it wasn’t too overwhelming. If you’re looking to try something new or to see if yoga is for you, try out a free week of CorePower (and maybe don’t wait 3+ years like I did).


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