The Lions Pack Review

I admit I was a bit skeptical when I first started seeing this product on my Instagram feed. I had recently gotten burned on some products that were being promoted by people on Instagram so I wasn’t sure if I was bought into the Lions Pack. I had been low key stalking them for the last few months and recently started transitioning to a vegan diet. I saw yet another post about The Lions Pack on my Instagram feed, but this time it was from someone I trusted. From there, I ordered a couple of their cookie doughs and spreads to try. My first purchase consisted of: Teddy Graham cookie dough, Cereal Bowl cookie dough and Butterfinger peanut spread.

They make their batches fresh based on the orders they receive. That’s impressive. Honestly, that can’t be fun for business owners to have such an unpredictable work load but that’s neither here nor there. It arrived quicker than I was expecting, within about a week. Unfortunately, the seal on my protein spread didn’t seal all the way and got oil all over my other products. You have NO idea how much time I spent trying to open them when their lids were covered in oil. Nonetheless, I finally tore into them and was absolutely BLOWN away by how good they were.

The texture is dead on cookie dough, as was the flavor. I’ve eaten half of both the cereal bowl and teddy graham cookie dough. The Teddy Graham flavor is my favorite so far- but only because the cereal is an interesting texture (a bit stale when mixed into cookie dough). The base flavor is much different between the two with the teddy graham having more cinnamon undertones and the cereal bowl reminding me of more of a sugar cookie type of base. I’ve decided I’m going to portion these out into cookie dough balls and keep them in the fridge because I am blowing through them daily by just spooning it into my mouth.

After confirming these were amazing, I dug into the protein spread. I’d put it up there as being comparable to what you’d find in a nuts n’ more spread. Very similar macros and price point, however the Lions Pack is vegan while many others are not because they use whey isolate in their products.

So, I received my cookie doughs on Monday and placed an order for 4 more and powdered PB on Tuesday. No sponsorship or affiliation here- just pure love for all cruelty-free sweets.

EDIT: As I was approaching the end of my Teddy Graham cookie dough, I started reading the ingredients thinking “How is this so good?” and then I saw it… powdered honey. Do you know what’s NOT vegan? POWDERED HONEY. I reached out to Lion’s Pack letting them know that Teddy Graham wasn’t vegan- to which they responded “We market it as vegetarian”. Okay… but no you don’t. I replied and pointed out the label and the website both say Teddy Graham is vegan. I didn’t receive a response after that, but they did change the page for Teddy Graham to list it as vegetarian. However when you are on the page of edible cookie dough- there’s still the claim that “All edible cookie doughs are 100% vegan friendly”.

EDIT 2: On a separate purchase, I ordered snickerdoodle. I had only had it a few days when I opened it and there was a green undertone to it. It was still within the time frame of being good to eat but I was obviously thrown by it being a weird color. I reached back out and Jeff, the owner replied again saying this occurs when the pea protein separates from the rest of the dough. It’s still perfectly safe to eat but they offered to send me a new one if I wanted. I didn’t take them up on that offer and ended up just throwing it away.

I’d love to hear what your favorite Lions Pack products have been- and if you’ve never tried here is a link to their page.

Here’s my personal rankings of the flavors I’ve tried so far:

  1. Teddy Dough (*not vegan)
  2. Cereal Bowl
  3. Cran-Orange (seasonal)
  4. Brownie Dough
  5. Red Velvet Cake
  6. Sugar Cookie
  7. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  8. Monster Cookie
  9. Snickerdoodle
  10. Samoa Cookie

There’s several others I have tried that I just couldn’t rank because I wasn’t too crazy about them. They are: Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Pretzel, and Salted Caramel Superfood.

What products have you been skeptical about?


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