Dough Bar Donuts Review

Social Media Marketing got me again. I’ve been seeing a lot of Doughbar Donuts on Instagram and conveniently, I’ve also been struggling to get a good (and healthy) breakfast on the go. I was a little weary as I’ve tried similar products in the past and was pretty disappointed but since I only had to commit to buying 4 I figured why not. After going through all the donuts and going back and forth between all the flavors, I decided on the 4 pack variety with 2 cereal and 2 marshmallow fruity pebbles.


They arrived yesterday and the packaging was ADORABLE. Even though it was 5pm, it was time for a donut. I opened it up and excitedly took a bite out of the hole. I wasn’t thrilled- the flavor was good but the texture was like those of most protein infused baked goods. For the rest of the donut I decided to follow the directions they sent, I mean they are the experts right?


It’s amazing what a difference 13 seconds in the microwave can make. After I removed the donut and hole from the microwave it was time to heat up and spread the icing (4 seconds and remove lid first). They have everything meticulously measured out so you know exactly what macros you’re getting for the donut. The donut itself has a cinnamon/nutmeg flavor to it and becomes SO soft and fluffy after heating in the microwave. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the extra time to make my donut pretty as you can see. I proceeded to unaesthetically smear the icing on, sprinkle some fruity pebbles on top and it was go time. The icing is BOMB and eating it warm is worth the extra 17 seconds before stuffing your face.


Since it was 5pm and I shouldn’t have been eating a donut, I decided to split half with my fiancée. He is pretty picky and even he liked it! The macros for my donut with icing and toppings were:

174 calories / 4g Fat / 22g Carbs / 11g Protein / 2g Fiber


Since I was so pleased with the donut- I decided to also back their Kickstarter for their new protein Crispy Bar. Bonus: its vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, kosher, non-gmo AND all ingredients are ethically sourced.


So, what flavor donut should I buy next?


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