Fitbit Blaze Review

I was SO pumped to get my Fitbit Blaze. I had done a ton of research between the Blaze and the Apple Watch and had decided that the Fitbit was the better fit for me. I had a Fitbit Charge and enjoyed the interface and being able to compete with friends and family for steps through the app. My challenge was that when I would work out, I was also wearing my Polar FT7 and chest strap to track my heart rate and calories burned. I wanted to eliminate the need to wear two watches at the gym.

I got my Blaze pretty quickly (and with free shipping). Within days, I was head over heels in love with it. It still had all the functionality of my Fitbit Charge but had the perks of constant HR monitoring and phone pairing. I was also able to track the different workouts I was doing (biking, running, cardio, etc). The on-screen workout function was cool, but I never used it other than to show off the capability. The battery life had a big hand in the decision I made to go with Fitbit over Apple. The Blaze battery lasts about 5 days before needing a charge whereas the Apple needs charged daily. I also enjoy seeing my quality of sleep which was another feature the Apple Watch didn’t offer.

Fast forward to our break-up. About 3 weeks into it, the battery life started slowly decreasing. What would typically last me 5 days, was now lasting 3 at best. Fitbit is known for their excellent customer service and I’m sure I could have reached out for a new one but I was beginning to think there was a better fitness watch out there for me. The Fitbit Blaze was so wide on my wrist that it was also pretty uncomfortable to sleep in as well.My last complaint is the phone pairing. Sometimes my call and text notifications would show up, others times I would have to reboot it for it to start working again which was super annoying.

This discomfort of the watch paired with the decrease in battery life was significant enough for me to return my watch within the 45 day return policy. Now, I’m on a new hunt for my next Fitness band. While I’m sad to leave Fitbit and all my friends on Fitbit (sorry mom!), I’ve been spending more and more time looking into some of the other options out there. I’ve had Jawbone in the past but would prefer having a display on the watch. At the moment, I’m leaning towards the Polar A360 which you can view by clicking the link… Anyone have any other suggestions?

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  1. Brainyideas says:

    way awesome that you venture into a wrist product review! geez as an Android & iPhone programmer, i’m supposed to be up on that. though i do have one experience i have with the Zeo Sleep measuring head band an neat and useful ZQ sleep monitor where the battery died after leaving it plugged in over 24 hours. from the circuit design standpoint, it takes lots of trial and error engineering to match the charge circuit with the battery capability to prevent overcharging it beyond a damage point. it’s silly that something so simple and despite the best intentions, likely the bean counters of the design team rushed the Fitbit Blaze product out the door to meet some fabricated fantasy production schedule. that happens too often.


    1. fitbrit8818 says:

      Great insight from a perspective I wouldn’t have considered, thank you! I just received my refund for the Fitbit and am happy to have received the Polar A360 to try out now. Already much more comfortable, but the software is lacking. Hopefully the design holds up!


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