Going to the Gym isn’t Enough When it Comes to Weight Loss

Every time I decide I am ready to lose weight, my first thought is “I really need to get to the gym” and while that is true, more needs to change than just showing up to the gym.

Why is it that the first thought when it comes to weight loss a lot of times is going to the gym? Back in October, I decided to sign up with a personal trainer so that I could really start seeing results. Fast forward to April- and although I workout 5 days a week, I’m only down about 2 lbs from my starting weight. I’ve invested in all these things expecting the weight loss to come…

If I sign up for personal training, I’ll lose weight. If I buy a Fitbit, I’ll lose weight. If I do this Advocare 24 day challenge I’ll lose weight.

Maybe for some people, these things have caused them to lose weight- but I bet for a lot more people they haven’t.

They say you can’t outwork a bad diet, but my issue is I also can’t stick to ANY diet (if you don’t believe me, check out my previous article HERE about all the diets I’ve tried & failed at). I don’t like restriction and I don’t like scanning all of my food into an app. Plus, what if I make something? I have to scan every single ingredient, and then break it down to a 1 serving portion? I can’t handle all that! Why can’t I just eat?!

What I’ve finally begun to realize is that I need to focus on establishing a few small, attainable goals. Not goals that some diet tells me to do, but goals that I decide for myself that I can reasonably attain. Goals that take thought, consideration and reflection to create. I’m already a pretty heavy water drinker but if I weren’t, that would be the first change. Ultimately, what I’ve now realized is it’s more than just working out. It’s cleaning up my diet. It’s getting rid of the girl scout cookies. It’s not going to the HR Manager’s office when he’s gone to grab some m&m’s from his desk. It’s not snacking uncontrollably. It’s not ordering dessert. It’s about balance. I can do some of these things some of the time, but I can’t continue doing all of these things all the time. So, moving forward- here is my plan:

1. Plan for every meal & snack. I have an obsession with rice cakes & nut butter, but if I plan for that snack and eliminate the handfuls of popcorn, trail mix and whatever else, then that won’t hinder my progress. 

2. 4 servings of vegetables a day. Not restrictive- but more about stepping out of my comfort zone and trying veggies outside of my typical staples of broccoli and green beans. 

3. Weigh-ins once a week.THAT’S IT. I have a dangerous habit of weighing myself every morning which makes it difficult to notice progress and stay committed. 

Note: I’m not a good cook- so to help me out this week I’ve decided to try out Icon Meals. I ordered Brisket Sliders, Red Velvet Protein Cake Balls, Chili, S’mores Pancakes and a few other menu items. Because I travel a lot for work, its crucial for me to have healthy options that I look forward to. I’ll fill out a review on Icon once I receive my meals, but hey- if “diet” food consists of cake balls, I’m so down.

Take Away: While the gym is important, what you decide to fuel your body with is the MOST important. For me, its crucial to remove all foods I can “graze” on and adding more nutrient dense food into my diet. I think taking baby steps to a healthier lifestyle will work with giving me the building blocks I need to form better eating habits.

What are some small  goals you can set for yourself this week to aid in your journey to creating a healthier lifestyle?


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  1. Tony Martin says:

    Your on the money in every goal you have set. We plan our meals to the finest detail, I don’t know if you have tried it but SLIMMING WORLD it has been a god send for us I have lost 3 stone 7 since last August. It really does work, and I used to be heavy into weight lifting and going to the gym everyday can have an adverse effect. Your muscles have a memory and they will simply adapt to all the training. You benefit more by resting. Great post


    1. fitbrit8818 says:

      Hey Tony! Thanks for the comment. I’ve seen a lot of posts on instagram about Slimming World success but thought it was only available in the UK. It looks like its also here in the US though so I will have to look into it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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  2. joe310 says:

    hi there fitbritt, thank you for passing by, i did the same to your blog wich i found interesting as well. I’m a new blogger who is intersted in health and especiallty in weight loss. Hope we stay in touch to help each other helping others lol. Good Continuation !!!

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  3. hsupafly says:

    you can do it, fitbritt! 🙂 what you’re describing is exactly what i’m trying to do with my #hsuperdrive project. for me, it’s not about hitting the gym and training for marathons, it’s the small things/small steps. and remaining cognizant of each decision i make, every day. i kind of relate it to what I learned from “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell where there’s that split second decision that you make – it either lands on the right side of the point, or the wrong side of the point – it’s you who controls which way it tips at that split second. (And of course, the will power to stick to that decision and not change your mind after the fact hehe.) for instance, the other day, i was at whole foods at their food bar and picked up the tongs to put a delicious-looking, deep-fried potato samosa in my box, but in a split second decision, i put the tongs down and walked away! …incredible how impactful a decision made in 0.2 seconds can be. add all of these daily decisions up, and the little achievements add up to a big one! you got this!


  4. nik4213 says:

    Thank you so much for liking my most recent post about my issues with eating. That was such a hard one to put out there – so I really appreciate your support and taking the time to read it — this was also a great post and so true!!


  5. Janelle says:

    Hey Fitbrit, thanks for cruising by and peeking in at my diet and exercise progress post. I am living the same story right along with you. Food is the final frontier for me as well. because I seem to have (mostly) found my groove with the exercise.


  6. Kristin says:

    One super simple diet that leads to slow, but sustainable weight loss without making you crazy is the “No S Diet” – No snacks, sweets or seconds except sometimes on days that start with S (I.e., Saturday, Sunday and special days like holidays and birthdays). That’s the entire diet plan right there. Lol. Pretty genius in it’s simplicity. Doesn’t work for me right now due to my antidepressant induced carb cravings, but I’ve used it before and it was pretty great.


    1. fitbrit8818 says:

      THAT IS BRILLIANT. I’m a sucker for both sweets and snacking. I can’t imagine how many calories I would save a day if I didn’t snack. Thank you for the advice, that definitely sounds like a “diet” I could survive!


  7. Kristin says:

    *in its simplicity


  8. Ashtad says:

    Reblogged this on MMA FITNESS and commented:
    A very interesting article on the importance of eating right.


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