Go-to Green Breakfast Smoothie

One of my favorite breakfast on-the-go protein shakes is the gorgeous green smoothie! It’s loaded with protein and easy to make. I know I don’t get enough vegetables in my diet so for me its essential to try and sneak some in at breakfast time. Personally, I use Slap Nutrition for my protein supplementation because it is non-GMO and a clean product that I trust. I also use dairy alternatives that rotate just depending on how I am feeling that week. My usual go to is coconut milk, but I will also rotate in cashew milk, almond milk & coconut almond blend. I’ll go into why I don’t use dairy milk in a later post. You can view their products HERE.

8 oz coconut milk
1/2 banana
1 tbsp almond butter
1 handful spinach
–Blend, blend, blend—

Once blended, add a scoop of protein and blend again. I prefer vanilla or a birthday cake flavor. Add the protein last because it adds a lot of volume. Blend again once you put in the protein and enjoy!


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