6 Pack Bags Review

One of my all time favorite products has GOT to be my Renee tote from 6 Pack Bags. It is so difficult getting out the door with my gym bag, laptop bag, purse and lunch bag. The Renee Tote looks like a purse and has the functionality of a purse with interior and exterior pockets. People cannot believe that it holds 4 meals inside and is able to keep them cold for 10+ hours. 6 Pack Bags says 8 hours, but I’ve had success getting through the airport with still frozen ice packs after a full days work. Granted, I’d recommend erring on the side of caution if you are flying because if the ice packs thaw out they will belong to TSA.

My other love is my Elite Executive Briefcase which holds 6 MEALS PEOPLE! It also has great functionality with a pocket on the reverse side that holds a laptop and other miscellaneous items. I use my laptop bag for longer business trips when I need to do more prep (or trips home when I want to bring as many leftovers as possible). The Renee tote is a great every day tote.

6 Pack Bags also just released new and improved ice packs. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to try them yet but will update when I do.

Disclosure: not that this should be a surprise to anyone but these bags can get a little heavy. I had to take a break a few times when I was carrying my Executive Elite around the San Jose airport, but hey- I’m stronger for it 🙂534161_10206632879313773_1741249114690152886_n


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